New Hampshire Roads - NH 16/US 4 - General Sullivan Br.

Old NH 16/US 4, General Sullivan Bridge

Side view of the 1934 bridge, used for 2-way traffic until 1966 and SB traffic until 1984, and now a pedestrian crossing of Little Bay. It hasn't aged well, but at least it's still open.

As Dover Point Rd., the old alignment of NH 16, curves into the modern Exit 6 interchange with US 4, the original road continues straight toward the bridge approach and dead-ends.

The other side of Little Bay has a historical marker that used to sit on NH 16, but is now on the path leading to the old bridge.

My first steps onto the bridge from the south side, downed light pole to the right, Little Bay to the left. Why remove it but leave it there?

Walking north across the bridge. The far side exits onto a disconnected piece of Dover Point Rd. that can only be accessed from Boston Harbor Rd., old US 4.

Details of lighting and a particularly unattended corner of fencing, then more views of Little Bay.

Walking back south to Newington, featuring the remnants of 30-year old pavement markings from when the bridge was last used in 1984.

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