New Hampshire Roads - NH 12A

SB entering Keene on Maple Ave.

Courtesy Michael Summa, year unknown.

SB nearing NH 12/NH 103. The 103 number ends at the border, while the 12 (reflecting the original New England route numbering system) continues on. 12A bypasses (or by-passes) Claremont before meeting NH 12 again.

SB at the Cornish-Windsor Bridge to Vermont (across the Connecticut River), with a railroad bridge in the background.

The Blow-Me-Down Mill, constructed in 1891. The unusual name probably comes from a nearby farm, because the mill is not the only object with that name.

Seen at the mill.

EB leaving NH 12A across Blow-Me-Down Bridge, Bridge #23 with 6'-9" clearance.

So what's the 7'-6" clearance all about? Has the bridge shrunk?

Naturally, this is the Blow-Me-Down Brook, surprisingly far below the bridge.

The final piece of the Blow-Me-Down puzzle, the Grange, a.k.a. P of H (Patrons of Husbandry) No. 234.

Vermont across the Connecticut River.

SB from the beginning of the route.

NB at that latter interchange.

NB at the end of the route with very nice shields but very awful attempts at directional banners and the NH 12A shield.

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