New Hampshire Roads - NH 116/142/US 3

NH 116/142 and 116/142/US 3

All photos are in Whitefield, where these three routes meet.

Facing east along some old railroad tracks just south of US 3. I don't think any trains cross here, judging from the weeds, but regardless, nothing can use that stop sign. Maybe, just maybe, it's for snowmobiles?

Just before they break up, the three routes cross Johns River. Photos face north (NH 116 EB), ending west along the river.

Looking east from the other side of the bridge.

NH 116 WB meeting US 3. NH 142 SB joins them a block to the left, or you can get to NH 142 NB straight ahead for a block on Elm St.

Grand inn and tiny guide signs on the corner of Elm St. and NH 142.

Onto US 3 alone

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