New Hampshire Roads - NH 103/12

NH 103,

The view into Vermont, where the number "12" crosses the river and NH 103 disappears at the border, at NH 12A.

EB/SB on NH 103/12 to Plains Rd.

Union St., a potential cutoff for the official NH 12 routing in Claremont, NB at Main St./NH 103/12.

Continuing EB/SB into Claremont.

Lake Sunapee by sunset.

WB to Center Rd. in Bradford, then turning south across this bridge.

Back north across the bridge and a view to the west on the West Branch Warner River.

Now into the town of Warner, the next covered bridge is the Waterloo on Newmarket Rd., across the Warner River proper. Here I head south and look east along the river at the small dam.

Back north across the bridge, with an old train station on the northeast side.

That wasn't the only covered bridge in Warner. The Dalton Bridge is on Joppa Road, here heading SB (as has been my wont) once more over the Warner River, and then looking east and west from there. I was heading westbound at the time, so my photos are getting progressively brighter as the page continues east.

WB past the Contoocook Railroad Bridge, in the eponymous village, over the eponymous river. Why cover a railroad bridge? To preseve the ties and structural elements from the weather - despite the common concept that covered bridges were to prevent horses from spooking, they actually had a wider use than that in colder areas with rain and snow.

Looking east through the bridge, now converted into a walkable trail.

The end of NH 103 in Hopkinton at US 202/NH 9. The wooden house is across the street from the end of 103, while the First Congregational Church is the first WB building of note on 103. The statue is right on the corner.

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