New Hampshire Roads - NH 101A

The first sign east from the beginning of the route west of Milford, and the last sign west at NH 101.

Eastbound through Milford to Thornton Rd. on the outskirts of Nashua.

Don't trust this sign. The next left is the Everett Tpk. interchange. It will charge you a toll. This sign is a lie.

The first sign is trying to tell you the right lane ends after the fake US 3 intersection, but really not up to the task. The second sign is at Charron Ave.

For some reason, the end of NH 130 features a lot of green signs where there should be shields instead. This is EB.

NH 130 EB as it ends.

NH 101A WB, and an old trailblazer persists beneath one of the newer LGS's.

Heading east across the Nashua River on the 1928 Canal St. Bridge.

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