New Hampshire Roads - NH 101

NH 10/12 NB and NH 101 WB all lead to NH 9. I feel the need to interpret this sign because of the number of items on it. NH 101 ends along this triplex instead of where it first meets NH 12, which only makes sense to motorists who can follow a maximum of two routes (9-101 instead of 9-12-101).

The last two routes of that concurrency in the EB direction.

EB in Dublin.

WB on the west side of Milford where NH 101 meets its old route.

Leaving the west side of the I-293 concurrency (see big link at bottom) to a custom ramp gore for Kilton Rd.

I-93 SB/NH 101 WB, splitting on the south side of Manchester.

Old and interesting WB signs on the dualized freeway east of Manchester, which may or may not have been incorporated into I-92 (it was alternately taken to Portsmouth, Portland ME, and places in between or even farther north). Bypass NH 28 is a two-lane road following Londonderry Tpk. around Manchester whose use is largely obviated by I-93.

We haven't had an EB sign in awhile. Here you go.

WB New Hampshire multiplex-type signage on the Super-2, except there's only one route here.

Not the best pictures, but showing how NH uses a top yellow band on BGS's to denote toll roads. The second one is a mistake; the word "TO" shouldn't be there, as this exit leads directly onto I-95. There are no exit numbers on the Super-2, only on the divided freeway west of I-95. The eastern section of NH 101 probably would not have been part of I-92.

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