New Hampshire Roads - I-95

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I-95 is the New Hampshire Turnpike, but north of exits 4 and 5 it's a free road for the few miles to Maine.

A pair of Exit 6 signs showing how well liquor stores are signed from I-95. Yes, this is the same liquor store you see along Bypass 1, and probably predates the I-95 section north to Maine based on its location. Note that these signs say Woodbury Avenue, not Maplewood as the Bypass 1 signs say - the two roads run into each other.

The two lanes of traffic to US 4/NH 16/Spaulding Turnpike are already separated from the main NB I-95 lanes in the median. Many years ago, there was nothing but a four-lane turnpike here, and it ran off where Exit 5 now leaves, ending at the Portsmouth Circle. Now there are twelve lanes of traffic here - four to and from the Spaulding, six through, and two to and from the Circle.

The left and right sides of the I-95 NB Exit 5 ramp into the Portsmouth Circle. The Circle is the former terminus of I-95, and is still the termini of both US 4 and NH 16. Bypass 1 runs southeasterly from here to parent US 1 as well as northerly to Maine and another rotary - it carried I-95 traffic into Maine before the Piscataqua River bridge, which you'll see shortly.

you now see coming from I-95 NB, along the old routing of the New Hampshire Turnpike into the circle. Notice that not one sign at the Circle correctly shows US 4 as WB instead of NB (since Bypass 1 and NH 16/Spaulding Tpk. both run NB, I guess NHDOT just got lazy).

The two overheads visible along the old beginning of the NH Turnpike, now the ramp to I-95. The first picture's sign is on the original Turnpike gantry, a single metal pole, while the signs of the second picture are on a newer gantry but certainly date from the completion of I-95.

The bridge to Maine, over the Piscataqua River. The first photo has the drawbridge towers of Bypass 1 in the foreground, and the second photo is courtesy Doug Kerr. The third photo is actually a video, which you can click to drive northbound.

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Exit 4 to NH 16, the Spaulding Turnpike
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Exit 5 to Bypass US 1
The Piscataqua River Bridge on Steve Anderson's
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