New Hampshire Roads - Bypass US 1

SB past Woodbury Ave. (north of the US 4/NH 16 circle), a railroad (south of the circle), and NH 33.

In 2013, the original circa-1940 NH 33 overpass was being replaced in situ.

A view of northbound and southbound Bypass 1 signage, respectively, at Maplewood Avenue. Note that Bypass 1 is pretty much always signed as to I-95; considering that I-95 is a far better bypass of Portsmouth than is Bypass 1, and that Bypass 1 was originally intended to bypass, you got it, US 1, I'm not quite sure why they even bother signing it anymore. Also notice the odd font on these signs. It might be FHWA Series B, which is too narrow to be practical on these guide signs, but why is it all caps? Finally, why is US 4 signed NORTH with NH 16? It's an even-numbered US highway, so it goes east-west (except in New York, but then again, US 62 goes north-south there as well).

On Maplewood Avenue eastbound and westbound, respectively, showing signs for Bypass 1 (both directions) that don't sign the route at all. Maybe this actually is the trend of NHDOT; I won't complain. But they should drop the weird shields. Another point - NH signs its liquor stores really well, and has them right off of freeways (like I-93 and I-95) as soon as you enter the state. They get you drunk, and then they ticket you...

Older signage still shows "BY-PASS" and not "BYPASS", whereas Maine has kept the hyphen the whole time. This is typical NH route signage, just like on the main NH Roads page.

Looking west from US 1 at Bypass 1 crossing the Piscataqua River into Maine and By-Pass 1.

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