North Dakota Roads - Valley City

Valley City

8th Ave. at Winter Show Rd., heading north from I-94.

East on 4th St. SW to the West Park Bridge, originally built in 1930 but replaced (in kind) in 2007, so nothing to see here.

The East Park Bridge, just two blocks east and over the same Sheyenne River, was built in 1924 and managed to not be replaced.

There's nothing that interesting about the 3rd Ave. SE bridge over the Sheyenne River, but when I look east and then west, something actually interesting catches my eye.

This would be the 1901 Central Avenue or VCSU Footbridge, leading of course to that university.

Walking south toward college. This bridge is rare for always having been a pedestrian bridge and not having been replaced.

Back north to 4th St.

Heading away from there, here's a random lamppost (northeast corner of 5th St. and 2nd Ave. NE) just so you have a break from all these bridges.

One more bridge for you, the 1908 High Bridge north of downtown, looking south from 117th Ave. near the beginnings of Barnes CR 19 and 21. (CR 21 also has a segment south of the city, so this is a re-beginning.)

Approaching all 162' of the High Bridge from the south on 5th Ave. NE, then onto 12th St. NE.

The best views of the bridge are from Chautauqua Park, a name I'd more expect to see in New York.

5th Ave. NE (heading north) doesn't have quite as panoramic a view but lets me get very close to the structure.

5th Ave. NE, which is about to become 117th Ave. (county numbering), also lets me get this ancient bonus crossbucks on a side driveway just under the High Bridge. 117th Ave. used to be paralleled by a railroad track to the east that this driveway crossed.

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