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New Brunswick

Courtesy Bryan Farr (via Doug Kerr), this is a US 1 shield erected by New Brunswick in Clair, and even though it's one piece it looks better than most states can do it. See the US in the 1? Only California can do it right. Rhode Island can do it terribly, and no other state even tries.

NB 1
Trans-Canada Highway 2
NB 8
NB 15
Trans-Canada Highway 16
Old NB 95
NB 100 and Reversing Falls
NB 102
NB 106

New Brunswick Non-Roads

Black is for tertiary routes, often gravel routes or 20-foot wide strips of asphalt. Secondary routes get blue shields, and primary routes get green shields. This sign is in my collection.

One-piece assembly, unfortunately becoming more common, at the end of NB 112. Because 112 is a secondary, from either direction of NB 10 you'd get all three color shields on a single sign.

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