Missouri Roads - US 71

US 71

The end of MO 249 SB in Joplin; the extra BGS space is for I-49, coming within a year of when I took the photo (April 2012). If we go to Tulsa, is that Ok?

MO 171 EB and Business US 71 NB on the north side of Joplin at SR D, which leads to a junction with former US 66. This sign wouldn't be out of place on 66 proper.

Red Bridge Rd. EB at Exit 182, just south of the Grandview Triangle, then turning to head onto US 71 NB (or any of the other interchanging routes). The last assembly omits the necessary information that I-435/US 50 WB are also straight ahead.

On the other side of the Triangle, an otherwise forgettable sign is punctuated by an extra floating arrow, added when someone realized there's a second lane that can exit. The correct way would be to put both arrows on the bottom and "EXIT" "ONLY" around the right one, but that requires planning and forethought.

Bruce R. Watkins Dr. is the only non-freeway connecting an incoming freeway to downtown Kansas City. The section under Meyer Blvd. is a brief freeway between at-grade intersections, the one of the four that's actually been converted. There's enough room to have existing US 71 serve as frontage roads to a future freeway, but perversely, the community would rather have choking traffic (along with noise and exhaust fumes) and an unusable, wild-growing area in the median than allow a freeway to be built below grade and help reconnect the two sides of the corridor. Well, that's NIMBYism for you. Photos are SB.

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