Missouri Roads - US 67/old US 66/US 61

US 67, US 61/67/former US 66

All photos are NB (US 66 EB).

Button copy where US 60 WB departs outside Poplar Bluff, courtesy H.B. Elkins.

Starting at I-44 on one of several branches of US 66 EB. US 50 WB turns left in the first photo to join I-44, which makes no sense because it just intersected a state highway (MO 366) mile ago, which then runs straight into I-44 from there. Would US 50 have crossed US 66 only to turn and join it again? I think not.

Two of the US 66s cross. The original alignment followed all of what is now MO 100, and moved over to the "classic" alignment (i.e. the one following I-44) when MO 366 was built in 1933. The one following US 67 came soon after in 1936, designed to bypass downtown using the Chain of Rocks Bridge to the north. However, US 66 returned back to the prior alignment on 366, now using the Poplar St. Bridge (all Interstates nowadays), before it disappeared.

US 61 left on I-64 WB, so this faded counterpart to Big Bend Rd. is on US 67 alone.

Parallel US 66 alignments: MO 366 and MO 100
Continue west on old US 66 to Route 66 State Park
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