Missouri Roads - Old US 65

Old US 65

All photos of this former alignment, abandoned around 1970, courtesy Jeremy Lance.

A particularly ratty piece of old highway, right next to the current US 65.

1920's-style bridge.

Continuing from the old bridge on a better-maintained stretch of pavement (or just a better-worn stretch).

Looking back from the other end of the curve visible in the last two photos above.

Coming up to an old truss bridge, and viewing it in both directions.

Another old truss bridge, this one with two spans.

Crossing one way...

...and then the other.

Details of the end of the bridge railing, across from where Jeremy parked.

VERY old embossed curve sign, slowly being reclaimed by nature (after all, metal is natural).

The final interesting old bridge of this jaunt.

Crossing the bridge in the direction opposite that of the previous photo.

Bomb shelter? Probably is used more as an outhouse now.

And finally, the end of the road.

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