Missouri Roads - US 61

US 61

MO 162 WB picking up US 61 from I-55 and carrying it over to its original alignment in Portageville (SR T for the first 2 miles).

More button copy in the reverse direction.

New Madrid County had, if not still has, an odd conception of county shields. The darker direction is NB, where CR 309 is a dirt fifth leg of the SR F/M intersection.

This Marston Phillips 66 sign has seen better days.

US 61 NB and US 62 EB past more button copy and more county shields of varying quality. I assume CR 820 is split into two sections. The first two photos, both at I-55 SB, are the beginning and end of New Madrid Business I-55; the name might be familiar to those who worry about earthquakes. The infamous "powder keg" New Madrid fault is not directly under the city, but it's not far away.

Now that US 60 bypasses Sikeston, US 60/61/62 no longer multiplex, but at least they still meet - well, kind of, because US 60 flies overhead. The second photo is on the EB onramp.

Pitman Ave. WB in Wentzville, meeting US 61 just north of I-70 and the beginning of I-64.

A look north from the interchange along Luetkenhaus Blvd., then south onto the ramp that mixes into the I-64/70 complex.

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