Missouri Roads - US 66 - Teardrop Rd.

Teardrop Road, original

All photos are eastbound.

Bypassed by the four-lane divided highway that's now Pulaski SR Z, Teardrop Rd. is the original, terrain-hugging route of US 66. People live off of this road, unlike the parallel piece of SR Z, and amazingly, the original US 66 bridge is still open so that you can properly trace the Mother Road.

Following the original concrete road down to Devils Elbow, probably named for a feature along the Big Piney River, and where old US 66 is finally low enough to cross.

Skipping in the order a little bit (the fire engine comes after the first bridge view), across Big Piney River and looking east along it. The clearance sign unfortunately hides the bridge plaque.

One fond look back west.

Teardrop Rd. comes back to SR Z, but I continue straight on the old twisty alignment until it peters out onto private property. It comes back into Trophy Lane and then zigs and zags across SR Z until the I-44 junction.

Onto Pulaski SR Z, later US 66
I-44 (US 66's successor)

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