Missouri Roads - US 66 - Pulaski SR Z

Pulaski SR Z, former US 66

EB from St. Robert to where the highway divides east of I-44 Exit 163, to the original US 66 alignment on Teardrop Rd. Original US 66 crossed the I-44 alignment to the west and joined what's now MO 28 back down to the junction seen here. It's probable that later US 66's dualization continued west of the current point that SR Z picks it up, meeting the dualized Business Loop I-44 at Business Spur I-44 (yes, that happens). The road is old enough to have integrally cast concrete curbs, which I have traced only to 1930s roads. 1941 must have been the tail end of that practice.

While one branch of my photos heads down Teardrop Rd. (see big link at bottom), the other branch continues east on SR Z across Big Piney River.

Back west across the river.

The best side view of the SR Z bridge I was able to get without a canoe, unfortunately not very good. Teardrop Road's bridge is a lot easier to photograph (did you see the big link at bottom yet?).

EB beyond the second Teardrop Rd. intersection to where that old alignment comes back in from the north as Trophy Ln. (You can no longer connect the two directly.)

WB at and onto Trophy Ln., briefly.

Back east on Trophy Ln., then over to another original alignment on Trout Ln., which I follow as it meanders closer and farther from SR Z. Is it just me, or is the Town Car heading east on SR Z in the penultimate photo coming back up Trout Lane at the other end? Guess he missed the turn, although I can't fathom why a Town Car would travel on a dirt old alignment.

A U-turn is required to continue east from the end of Trout Lane, albeit a careful one due to the banking of the two carriageways and consequent elevation difference.

The eastern end of dualized SR Z, where the highway clearly continued onto what's now the I-44 alignment near Exit 169.

One last look WB at the merge of SR Z into dualized US 66.

Original US 66, Teardrop Rd.
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