Missouri Roads - US 66 - Phelps Co.

Former US 66 in Phelps County

All photos are eastbound.

East of Doolittle, US 66 winds north far enough that it cuts across I-44, unable to be followed. Patiently stick with the southern frontage (Martin Spring Outer Rd.) and it winds south again, back across I-44, and down to Bridge School Road at Little Beaver Creek. The original concrete roadway reflects through cracks in the asphalt, and the integrally cast curb sticks out on the sides.

Now with Business I-44 in Rolla, old US 66 turns left onto US 63 NB/MO 72 WB, up to University Drive. MO 72 is really heading north-south by the time it gets to Rolla, and ends at I-44 while multiplexed with US 63. It might make more sense to either end it at 63 or send it two blocks west on University to meet I-44 there while heading the correct direction.

The northern of US 66's two alignments forks in aptly named "Northwye" off of US 63. The left fork is the older route, while the right fork, a later, straighter realignment seen here, dead-ends at I-44, but once came to an at-grade intersection with divided US 66. Old St. James Rd. on the south side of I-44 is another, probably original routing of US 66, but only east of the "Northwye" area, not all the way into Rolla.

Through St. James on James Blvd., the I-44 routing of old US 66 that turns into SR KK on the east side of town. St. James Rd. comes in a couple of blocks south on Springfield St., which ends while following the railroad tracks just before James Blvd. comes down and follows them, obviously a later reroute for through traffic.

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