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Route 66 State Park

I fear I may have started this page with the best part, rare remaining button copy at the west entrance to the park from I-44 EB, Exit 265. I left the signs as they appeared to me so you can see that the two sides are flipped vertically.

Outer Rd. looking south and east at the defunct Meramec River Bridge approach.

Old US 66 EB from Outer Rd. until it's closed to everyone. Despite being on the National Register of Historic Places, MoDOT decided it was too dangerous for travel and demolished the deck. So much for the Register. I doubt the sign is historic, either, just a replica.

Looking east where I can't walk.

Heading back west to the car. Continue west past Outer Rd., and you can see the old concrete alignment of US 66 hit a fence and merge into I-44 WB.

Now off Exit 265, WB on the other half of the old alignment and looking along the bridge that briefly became one-way EB (from 2007 to 2009) to try to keep it open as long as possible, but without any maintenance money being spent on a non-essential bridge, its fate was sealed. (You may have noticed the 5 ton weight limit before - it was 15 tons until 2005, and the bridge was closed in 2009. That's how quickly bridges can fall apart.)

Continue east on old US 66 to MO 366 or US 67
MO 100, parallel US 66 alignment
Continue west on old US 66 to Franklin County

I-44 (US 66's successor)

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