Missouri Roads - US 66 - Paris Springs

Former US 66 in Paris Springs

The northern end of Lawrence SR N, carrying US 66 from Lawrence CR 2062 toward MO 266. MO 96 is a newer alignment of US 66, feeding straight into what's now I-44.

Looking back southwest from the other side of MO 96, where the original diagonal concrete roadway was converted into a 90 intersection.

EB on this old stretch of US 66 across Turnback Creek.

Two former Paris Springs service stations. The first one seems more interesting to me, but the second one has shiny tourist attractors.

Continue east on old US 66 to MO 266
Continue west on old US 66 to Lawrence CR 2062
Onto MO 96, newer old US 66

I-44 (US 66's successor)

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