Missouri Roads - MO 96/old US 66

MO 96,

EB at Grant St. and Central Ave. in Carthage; MO 96/old US 66 bear left in the latter photo.

Looking back west at an old railroad bridge that I just crossed on the east side of Carthage, then EB across waters related to Spring River (the first bridge seems to be an old canal).

Old 66 Blvd. (see the Jasper County link at bottom) is an older alignment of US 66 east of Kellogg Lake Park. Once that comes back in, there's a brief stretch of old alignment on the north side of MO 96, seen here.

Well to the east, Lawrence CR 2059 is another old alignment of US 66 on the north side of MO 96. It's a through route this time, so I take it instead of the newer 96 routing of US 66. Lawrence CR 2062, the next page in the US 66 series, is in the distance in the last photo.

Continue east on old US 66 to Lawrence CR 2062
Continue west on old US 66 to Jasper County

I-44 (US 66's successor)

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