Missouri Roads - MO 92

EB on the Centennial Bridge, leaving Leavenworth and turning K-92 into MO 92.

MO 45 NB at MO 92, which is busy going over a railroad just to the west. Back in the day, there was a grade crossing and none of this overpass business.

Junctioning a route I'm on is impossible. When I get to the light, I'm not even junctioning the other route listed, so it's all wrong. Either Spur 92 or Spur 273 links these two routes that never meet, but whatever the link is numbered, it's not signed.

That "TO I-29" back at Spur Whatever should have only been for I-29 NB. I get that US 71 is following I-29 here, but that's not immediately apparent just from one JCT assembly. It needs to be signed everywhere.

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