Missouri Roads - MO 9

All photos are southbound.

Prairie View Rd. SB at the beginning of MO 9. MO 9 used to be the through road until recently, and Prairie View is original US 71, predating the construction of a separate 71 NB roadway that is now the alignment of both directions of I-29.

You know where.

Across the Missouri River on the Heart of America Bridge, next to a much, much more interesting vertical lift bridge, the Armour-Swift-Burlington or ASB Bridge. It may look awkward, but its design was genius. With MO 9 running on the top level, there was (and still is) a railroad on the bottom level, the Burlington part of the name (now Burlington Northern Santa Fe, BNSF). When a tall ship came through, the lower level would rise up to accommodate it - without disturbing MO 9. I would have loved to see that in operation.

The end of the route is at the top of Alphabet Loop in KC, meeting not just I-70 but also I-35, US 24 (on overhead guide signs before this point), and US 40 (not signed at all).

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