Missouri Roads - MO 66/Bus. I-44 Joplin/old US 66

MO 66/Business. I-44 Joplin, former US 66

This happens to be on the Business route (missing its EAST banner) but not on MO 66, courtesy Jeremy Lance.

Two photos looking north at MO 66/Business I-44 on East 7th St. in Joplin. The second is the offramp from MO 249 NB.

The eastern end of both routes, forced to choose between entering the Interstate or staying on its northern frontage road. The frontage road would be true to the last incarnation of US 66, but the original route went up to Carthage and followed what's now MO 96.

Heading back WB from there. These motel signs once greeted all travelers, not just the select few heading to Joplin via Duenweg instead of taking a later exit on I-44.

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