Missouri Roads - MO 364

MO 364

All photos are westbound.

Maryland Heights Expwy. is also known as MO 141. But with the shield so horrible, I have low expectations for the rest of the sign to accomplish anything meaningful.

The Page Avenue Bridge across the Missouri River. If that seems like a weird name for a freeway bridge, well, all of MO 364 east of MO 94 is Page Avenue despite being a freeway, a westward extension of what actually becomes an avenue once 364 ends.

You don't use EXIT ONLY for the through lanes of a freeway, and you definitely don't use chevrons as down arrows. What were they thinking? MO 364 keeps getting extended as the freeway gets extended, but it would make more sense to just end it and let 94 take over. The only other reasonable option is to keep 94 on the frontage roads, but that clearly is not what's being done here.

Okay, wait, so the freeway ended, and MO 364 is exiting instead of ending? Now this doesn't make sense to me, even less considering that cost was put into a sign (admittedly an error sign, with the arrows above instead of inside the "EXIT ONLY") that's going to come down in a year or two because it's blatantly incorrect at that point.

So wait, why is the freeway entrance only signed MO 94? It makes no sense at all to put MO 364 on the frontage road and have 94 up there, given that 364 is a freeway to the east and 94 isn't. Maybe I should stop thinking and just enjoy the construction photos.

Future EB distance sign already in place between the concrete roadways. I'm going to pick at the blue milemarker, when every other road in the area uses green, and the fact that MO 141 still isn't signed along the Maryland Heights Expwy. Even if people know it by name more than number, at least show both.

From Jungermann Rd. (future Exit 10) west to Central School Rd. (future Exit 9). There's room for MO 364 shields, and it's all signed "TO," so clearly both routes will be on the freeway. I'll ignore the overhead sign from before and the standalone MO 364 shield in this run. And why are there lane stripes down the middle of the Exit 10 onramp when this is a new freeway that no one's using yet and is otherwise unpainted? I just don't get Missouri.

Continuing to Kisker Rd., with the overpass already in place, thus making a good detour for Central School Rd. where the overpass was apparently going up. (That's why there was no arrow below the East MO 94 assembly - I'm only captioning this now because that caption had enough going on in it.) Notice that now the detour and regular shields are for MO 94 only. I'm not surprised, because this was all only MO 94 to begin with, and I won't complain as long as new assemblies make room for MO 364.

Two views of the future WB Exit 8 (Pitman Hill Rd.) offramp merging into the future frontage road.

Passing by Pitman Hill Rd. on its new overpass.

While stopped at the light there, I take a look back east.

Looking east at the future freeway tie-in where MO 364 currently begins, at the western extent of construction... for now. Given the exit numbering, there's more extension to be had before the route is complete to Mile 0, and probably more MO 364 being designated on frontage roads before the freeway's ready.

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