Missouri Roads - MO 291

MO 291

All photos are northbound.

The whole point of having a wide sign blank is to put a wide sign on it, like the second photo.

A rare button copy sighting, approaching US 24.

Across the Missouri River on the Liberty Bend Bridge, NB clearly being the original span.

MO 110 is the newly designated Chicago-Kansas City Expressway. It follows I-35, US 36, I-72, I-172, IL 336, US 67, US 34, I-74, I-80, I-88, and I-290. If that sounds like a stupidly roundabout way to get from here to there with nothing to see along the way, everyone except the politicians who created this mess would agree with you.

What happens here is that MO 291 ends at the northeast corner of I-435 (which you can see in the background of the left-side shield), and then I-435 NB understandably turns WB. It's quite confusing to sign a route with two directions, so the "NORTH" banners should be dropped, just like the green sign on the right side.

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