Missouri Roads - MO 266/old US 66

MO 266,

All photos on 266 itself are eastbound.

EB across Billies Creek into Halltown, and beyond. Why yes, that building is an antique, indeed.

Not on MO 266, so I get to take some WB photos on Farm Road 140 near Yeakley. This original US 66 alignment diverges east of Pickerel Creek, which is where the bridge crossed in the background of the last photo in the previous run. (The bridge in the foreground isn't over any particular water feature.) Until not too long ago - in fact, after US 66 was decommissioned - the road used to S-curve to the right and curve back up to continue its diagonal course, but MO 266 now heads straight.

Back east on the old alignment, which went straight into 266 where Farm Road 140 curves right.

Back on MO 266 until it ends outside Springfield, past a short bypassed section of 2-lane known as Trail View Rd. There's nothing on the north side of the road, so I don't see why it couldn't have been dualized in place.

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