Missouri Roads - US 66 - Laclede Co.

, Laclede County

All photos are eastbound.

Old US 66 EB needs to follow SR C WB to get across I-44 at Exit 118, where I-44 cuts diagonally across the old 66 alignment just west of the exit.

Out of Phillipsburg on SR W, into Lebanon to Business I-44.

The sights of Lebanon, the last twp beyond the end of Business I-44. Hey Munger Moss, that's the wrong shield!

Why is this out here? The second photo looks back west at a sign I missed. There is no building there.

First at I-44 Exit 135, then at Exit 140.

Across the Gasconade River.

Continue east on old US 66 to Business I-44, Waynesville-St. Robert
Continue west on old US 66 to Springfield

Onto I-44 (US 66's successor)

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