Missouri Roads - US 66 - Jasper Co.

in Jasper County

Carefully follow the oldest US 66 alignment through Joplin and you'll find small treasures like this WB stub on Euclid Ave. at St. Louis Ave. Obviously there had been a bridge there for US 66 as the through route, replaced more recently with one reflecting modern traffic patterns. The original bridge was lower, only crossing Turkey Creek and not the land on either side, so that the road only started curving after crossing the creek.

The original alignment of US 66 EB turns right on Utica St., later heading up Florida Ave. and Zora St. to Range Line Rd., which becomes Madison St. for the second photo in Webb City.

The next turn is onto Broadway St., which comes to a "T" at Webb Ave. at this building that appears to have been somewhat related to the Masons.

Webb Ave. SB, jogging a half-block south from the east section of Broadway St. (or is it just plain Broadway?) to where I just was.

Jumping over Jasper SR HH through Carterville (see big link at bottom), this is on Pine St. north of town. You would be correct if you guessed that the reason for the yield was the curvature in old Route 66 EB (which heads to the right).

Maintenance crews don't get up here much. This is WB.

Continuing east to the divided highway on the west side of Carthage. On the east side of the short dualization, old US 66 curves to the north (now modified to a 90 turn) but dead ends, cut off by the through route of MO 96 coming off MO 171 onto Central Ave.

Skipping MO 96 (see big link below), there's an older southern alignment called Old 66 Blvd. that begins on the northeast side of Carthage. Instead of a boring drive on modernized MO 96 (the last US 66 alignment before I-44), drive the quiet, well-maintained old alignment. If you're lucky, it will still have the white centerline dashes dating from the 1970s or earlier.

Jasper SR HH, old US 66
Continue east on old US 66 to MO 96
Continue west on old US 66 to MO 66

I-44 (US 66's successor)

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