Missouri Roads - I-635

Two southward views of the US 69 Platte Purchase (NB) and Fairfax (SB) Bridges, then looking east along the Missouri River as both routes cross into Kansas. Fairfax Bridge, closer in the last photo, is the original. The NB bridge is a pretty good copy, with the same profile and general structure, although the steel is thicker and a few crossbeams are different. The Fairfax Bridge was just demolished in January 2015, and Platte Purchase is sadly soon to follow.

This isn't US 169 at all, but it was until 1991, and this shield just might be old enough to have been part of that. (But that's 21 years and counting that it shouldn't have been left there.) Back then, 169 took Exit 10 and followed US 69 into Kansas. This is the only place where US 169 is east of parent US 69, as they bump off each other at I-70 (presumably where the detour ended) and then cross back over in Lenexa.

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