Missouri Roads - I-435

Above: courtesy Jeremy Lance. Notice that the '3' is closer to the '4' than the '5' in this shield - none of my photos below exhibit that phenomenon, which I attribute to this being an older photo and thus an older shield.

The full range of counterclockwise state-name shields in Missouri; the southwestern third of the loop is in Kansas and connects SB back to EB. US 50 occupies basically all of the south leg of the beltway.

Platte SR D, 120th St., westbound at I-435 Exit 29 on the west side of the airport. SR D also follows 120th St. on the east side of the airport, obviously continuous once upon a time before the western runways were built across it.

Speaking of which, this is the second Platte SR D, Cookingham Dr., WB on the east side of the airport. To the east, this eventually becomes MO 291, which becomes I-470.

What's a Tfwy? How far until Blue Pkwy? This assembly leaves much to be desired, particularly considering how much spare room there was to make proper signs. (Tfwy, or more typically Trfwy, is "Trafficway," but you'd have to be from around here to know that. Exit 66B is "NEXT RIGHT" or " MILE".) At the next sign, MoDOT again misuses the available space, leaving off "Trafficway" (look how much room there is), pushing a right-exit advance sign over to the far left, and just plain blundering on arrow usage. Arrows should be at the bottom of the sign, with "EXIT" and "ONLY" on separate panels on either side of the right arrow, and the I-435 down arrows should extend over the fourth through lane or should be omitted. Omitting the down arrows also confers the advantage of being able to move the Exit 63C sign to the right side where it belongs.

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