Missouri Roads - I-35/I-29/US 71

I-29's exit numbers start after it leaves I-35, but the signage starts where I-35 leaves I-70 for some reason, forming a needless concurrency. The second photo above is a very cheap pull-through sign.

SB in Alphabet Loop, the downtown freeway interchanges where I-70, I-670, and I-35 all are just across the border from Kansas. Technically, I-35 crosses into MP 3 partway through the loop and I-70 only hits MP 2 where I-35 diverges, but every exit around the loop is given the number "2" and a different lettered suffix. 2Y is the highest, in the northwest corner, and then 2A is the next exit clockwise from there. The reason I'm sharing this soup with you is that the signs are wrong - no, the letters are correct, but Exit 2U goes to I-670 EB. Yes, it then leads into I-70, but with so much confusion here already, why sign I-70 on two parallel routes within a mile of each other?

I-29/I-35/US 71 cross the Missouri River just east of where it's the boundary between two states, and just barely where it's the boundary between two cities. Kansas City has annexed a lot of territory north of the river, but a few enclaves held out, most notably North Kansas City (where these photos head) and Gladstone.

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Into Iowa on I-35
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