Missouri Roads - Bus. I-44 Pacific/old US 66 Franklin Co.

(Pacific) and former US 66 in Franklin County

All photos are eastbound except a brief diversion.

Starting in Sullivan, picking up MO 30 at I-44 Exit 239.

Just west of MO 30, old US 66 WB branches off to the right of the south frontage road and dead-ends at I-44.

Back on course and into St. Clair.

The only TV Set Highway in MO that I know of, or hand-drawn by 9th graders learning geometry.

Old US 66 crosses US 50 and picks up former US 50 as well. There's a more famous motel after this on MO 100 (see link below, then return here).

Business I-44/old US 66 in Pacific, up to Lamar Pkwy. at I-44 EB Exit 257. If you don't understand why a town named Pacific would be in the middle of the country, it was named for the Missouri-Pacific (MoPac) Railroad, which has at least one remnant, along MO 366.

This junction named for someone who tripped on the sidewalk here in 1921.

Continue east on old US 66 to Route 66 State Park
Continue east on old US 66 to MO 100
Continue west on old US 66 to Crawford SR ZZ

Onto I-44 (US 66's successor)

Pacific silica mine "caves" on Bus. I-44
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