Missouri Roads - Old US 66/I-44 - Arlington

Former US 66 and I-44 in Arlington

Take I-44 Exit 176, turn east on old US 66, then hang an immediate right toward Arlington, and transport yourself back into the not-so-distant past when I-44 curved like heck through Mark Twain National Forest on the original alignment of US 66, following the contours of the land. Only in the 2000s was a new alignment blasted into the hills to straighten out I-44 (which is why the old alignment still has a billboard in good condition), but old 66 remains as a frontage road alongside a couple of miles of wide, clear right of way that until recently carried a freeway. Arlington is actually just off of the old road, which crossed Little Piney Creek right about where I-44 does, but instead of being a quick stop for through traffic, it's now tucked out of the way and left for dead.

Back east on Arlington Outer Road, mostly old 66 except for one place where the I-44/US 66 reroute overlaid a corner. The motel is on the far side, formerly the WB frontage road and much easier to get to. I have my doubts it's still a motel.

Continuing toward the signed US 66 alignment (i.e. not taking 2-mile dead ends for fun), there appears to still be some pavement at the eastern end of the former road, curving into the modern road just shy of Exit 176. This obviously warrants a closer look.

Two eastward views along the old EB lanes and two on the WB side.

Heading east from this area toward Doolittle.

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