Minnesota Roads - US 169

Minneapolis' MN 62 WB approaching the beginning of US 212 and a cloverleaf with US 169. To eliminate the duplication of the two 62s in MN, US 212 ought to be extended to meet I-35W; MN 110 could then be extended west over MN 55 to the other end of 35W. I'll note that the signs ought to read "US 212 SOUTH", without a line beneath, and "WEST MN 62 TO US 169."

US 2 WB joins US 169 SB as they enter downtown Grand Rapids. This is the non-commercial part of an ad for an Oz museum, which belongs here because Judy Garland was born here, and we all know no one else was in that movie.

Looking north up a short old alignment that is now used for trail parking just south of Scenic Hwy. and Holman Creek.

South out of the parking lot onto the modern road.

And so here's Scenic Hwy. and its scenic railroad bridge. I've got plenty more photos on the CR 7 page linked at bottom.

SB at the turn into Marble. CR 80 loops back to US 169, but I don't have it pegged as an old alignment.

Heading north past a short railroad trestle over an unnamed creek that feeds into Mud Lake, which you can see east of US 169 in the last photo.

NB and 2 SB signs at Gary St. in Calumet, CR 84. The large sign is helpful to explain which state park can be reached, but a bit unnecessarily wordy. "Mine Tours" and "on right" are unnecessary.

Snowball Lake, west of US 169, from left to right.

SB just south of there.

Just north of there, on either side of the MN 65 junction in Pengilly.

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