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Business US 2, Grand Forks-East Grand Forks

I'm not gonna mess around - there's nothing but the 1929 Sorlie Bridge on this page, so enjoy this drive from MN to ND (right around the midpoint of the two truss spans).

North Dakota keeps track of Red River flooding with this handy monument.

A railroad bridge crosses states to the southeast.

A railroad bridge used to cross states to the northwest, from the ND waterfront curving to 5th Ave. in East Grand Forks.

Looking southeast at the bridge from the ND side.

Some northwestward views. As I get closer to the bridge, you can see some interesting details, such as the roller bearings that provide a longitudinal degree of freedom for the bridge to expand and contract with the weather, and the fact that the vertical members punch through the deck to get to the girders underneath. (It seems like that's an artifact of the sidewalk being added to the southeast side of the bridge.)

Hey, I can see Minnesota from down here!

Two photos, and then click for a video to drive back northeast into Minnesota.

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