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US 23

US 223 begins multiplexed with US 23 just so it can enter Ohio, so these are the first shields in Michigan. US 23 does deserve to be larger, as it's the freeway that goes anywhere useful/quickly.

US 23 SB is on I-75 SB for the ride through Flint and these ugly shields at Exit 117 (I-69). Notice the lack of respect for US 23.

Dixie Highway, former US 23, still has four lanes despite almost no traffic even when it's open. In this case, the bridge is closed at Cass River and the road (facing north) is closed at Curtis Rd. outside Frankenmuth. This is the same Dixie Highway that appears alongside US 1 in Florida, a set of two north-south parallel highways and assorted connectors progressing south from Michigan to Miami.

A brief freeway connector from I-75 ends at M-13 south of Standish, and US 23 continues north through the town on a four-lane undivided road. The plan is to eventually extend the connector east from this point and north around the town, which is why the overpass over M-13 is built to handle two NB lanes.

The SB lanes were only built starting at the merge from US 23 SB (which would become M-13 SB), so there's a stub instead of an overpass, but this makes it even clearer that there were (and still are) plans for extension.

SB from Cheboygan to Alpena to Alcona. Although Alcona is in its eponymous county, it's just a small town at the corner, and the county seat is over in Harrisville.

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