Michigan Roads - US 2

US 2

US 8 EB ends, and US 141 gets a convenient 2-digit wide shield that saves 1 square foot of sign cost for the contractor. That's enough for a fancy lunch or a cheap date.

EB onto the US 41 multiplex, also with M-35 in the last photo. So a U-turn really should be signed for all three routes - or, better yet, just sign it as "U-turn."

US 2 EB/US 41 NB, with another omission in the first photo.

Somewhat older WB assembly at Brevoort Lake.

Continuing east, up to the end of US 2 at I-75 just north of this, the Mackinac Bridge, one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. Over time, though, its claim to "longest" anything has gotten so contrived that it's not worth repeating.

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