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The Constantine bypass opened in October of 2013, but there was a lot left to go as late as July. The first photo is the future path of US 131 NB around town, and the second photo is the future tie-in of the old alignment (becoming a Business route) to curve west to a T.

Through town to the north side where US 131 SB turned left from Broad St. onto N. Washington St. Bus. US 131 still does that same movement, but there's now a realigned Quarterline Rd. that continues straight ahead into its old alignment to provide more convenient access to the bypass.

The US 131 freeway starts south of Kalamazoo where the modern highway diverges from its old alignment, Shaver Rd. The narrow shields are a theme on northward.

Unusual business route signs on opposite ends of downtown Grand Rapids. The second one is NB.

You wouldn't peg Michigan as a Civil War state, but here's a monument to its fallen anyway. There's plenty more information about it at its website. Click either photo for a closeup that lets you read a little of the base.

Still downtown, still on Business US 131, at St. Mark's Episcopal Church.

SB from I-196 (St. Mary Catholic Church) in Grand Rapids. The curve speed is currently 50, but varies based on weather. Who put up this sign? Whose font is that?

I'm confused. The narrow shield is at Exit 86A, which is actually I-196 and therefore not a detour. The wider shield is just past there and makes more sense with requiring a detour.

Reconstruction of a railroad overpass near Ann St. Between I-196 and I-96, US 131 carries the secret I-296 designation, enabling projects like this to be 90% Federally funded.

A few years later, construction moves to I-96. I-296 NB follows the non-cutout shields and the ugly gore sign to a long ramp to I-96 WB.

Leaving the parking lot of Fifth Third Ballpark, home of the West Michigan Whitecaps, known for innovative yet affordable ballpark food.

Northward to Fife Lake. Michigan has abandoned hyphens in its county route markers, but should never have used them in highway guide signs due to legibility.

Roadside vehicles of the L.P. The first is a circa-1948 Chevy.

Mancelona, a more romantic Barcelona, with a converted train station and even restrooms!

The first shield SB in Petoskey, and another one up there courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. It may be the same location but with the directional banner corrected between his visit and mine.

Business US 131, Kalamazoo

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