Michigan Roads - US 127

Do these numerals make me look fat?

All but the last photo are southbound.

Does this shield make me look skinny?

Does this car make me look cool? Yes.

Courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. North of Lansing, US 127 was US 27 until the latter was truncated to the Indiana I-69 junction and 127 extended in its place, perhaps to create jobs for bored DOT workers. There's another job waiting in replacing one of the exit tabs to match the other one.

I think both of these non-roads photos are neat. Mt. Pleasant got a little overexcited, but look at the name.

Polaris Wind Farm is southeast of Ithaca.

Everyone's together on the NB lanes while the SB side is reconstructed north of Jackson. It's done by the last photo but, as a rule, you wait until a straightaway to cross traffic over since it's hard enough for your average driver to comprehend a work zone as it is.

Business US 127 NB begins here along the Exit 34 ramp and continues onto M-50 WB. There's not nearly enough room next to the M-50 shield for anything else, so why is it offset?

Business US 127, Jackson

Into Ohio on US 127
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