Michigan Roads - US 12

If the signs look like that, I'd rather keep detouring near M-39.

WB in Mottville past the Camelback Bridge. Click on the last photo to learn more about it.

This motel at the corner of M-103 is half as old as the bridge across from it.

Have more Camelback Bridge, walking east across it.

Back west across the bridge and looking northeast along the St. Joseph River. There is a pier remaining from the original, pre-1922, pre-US Highway system bridge.

More random views from the west side of the bridge.

EB in Sturgis approaching the beginning of the multiplex in 1976 and then at the other end of it in 1986, courtesy Michael Summa. You won't find signs like these most anywhere, especially the cutout US shield.

M-199 SB at old US 12 west of Albion, where the railroad crossing is now closed because of this awful font. But wait, you say, US 12 doesn't go anywhere near Albion. It doesn't, but it did until 1962 when it was moved onto former US 112 so as not to duplicate I-94 across the state.

The EB ramp to US 24 NB at one of the tightest interchanges in the country. You can see from the curb to the right or the joints in the pavement how quickly loop ramp traffic must swivel around to merge. You can also tell from the nearby railroad bridge how many decades ago all this was constructed, before the Interstate traffic took a lot of traffic off these roads. Time for a diamond or SPUI interchange (the signal would be on US 12 because that's the way the ramps are folded).

Detroit's downtown appears EB after "Corktown" (the Irish neighborhood, one of the only reasonably safe ones in the city) at 14th St.

14th St. SB and then bearing left at the I-75 arrow to find another state-name sign as I head toward Fisher Freeway. Most state-name shields are on these downtown green signs; the truly old ones are scattered but not gone. It's a miracle of Detroit that Mexicans, Irish, and other ethnicities are okay with named neighborhoods like these (something about Mexicantown just rubs me the wrong way).

WB leaving downtown.

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