Michigan Roads - M-85, Ambassador Br.

M-85 and Ambassador Bridge

Detroit and the Ambassador Bridge seen from Belle Isle (first photo) and the downtown waterfront.

Unlike much of Detroit's decay, the old bus depot has not crumbled to dust and remains graffiti-free (at least above the windows where it counts).

M-85 SB down to the Ambassador Bridge, where I have the best view of the bridge without being on it.

For once, this isn't MDOT's fault. The Ambassador Bridge is privately owned by the eponymous company and decided unilaterally that it would go ahead and built a second span to relieve sometimes choking congestion. This doesn't sound so terrible except for two major considerations: First, the entire span would come to naught unless both Michigan and Ontario agreed to perform their own road work (or let the company perform road work) to tie it into the existing roadway network and Customs houses. Second, the proposed twinning was only done in reaction to Michigan's decision to build a new third crossing to the south. That's why the Ambassador Bridge Company was okay with years if not decades of hours-long delays - there was no competition! (Besides the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, which was there first anyway.) So there's a moral issue with the decision to build the second span, although a privately financed capacity addition would certainly be better than a publically unfinanced capacity addition. Add a few years and some more communication, and something may come of this yet. Moral of the story: Ask first.

Two last views of the bridge - looking west as it descends to Customs and looking east from the south side of the bridge for a change.

All with state names and SB, but the first two are newer signs while the last is a much older sign. You can tell because of the narrow Michigan-specific font. It's possible M-85 was used to bypass a section of I-75 before construction was completed.

Things remain old at Dearborn St. up onto the bridge over River Rouge. M-85 turns left while Oakwood Blvd. continues to Melvindale.

M-85 is the westernmost route on the Lake Erie Circle Tour.

See more of the Ambassador Bridge at the 1/2/10 Detroit Road Meet

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