Michigan Roads - M-8


WB onto the beginning of the M-8 freeway. Why, yes, that's a stub there.

Looks like the freeway would have stayed down low for a Conant St. underpass; the eastern end of M-8 is a pair of upgraded ramps from that would-have-been interchange.

Unlike at other stubs, because the onramp was converted into a full three-lane mainline, the curb comes in and completely blocks off the stub mainline so that no one will confuse the situation for a merge. The lines in the pavement belie the intended path of the freeway.

This sign looks far too confusing. Why have a ramp if you can't use it? It's intended for traffic entering from M-1, to avoid crossing over multiple lanes for a left exit in a short distance, but it's too legible from the mainline. A sign should contain enough information to be self-evident.

After M-10, M-8 goes back onto Davison St. but this time doesn't lose its number. It then bears left and ends in a freeway interchange with I-96. Clearly this is another unbuilt segment of freeway, a somewhat more useful one than the one with the stub (which just leads into northeastern suburbia).

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