Michigan Roads - M-66


The first 4 photos are historical and are courtesy Michael Summa. Everything is northbound.

Entering the state on M-66 NB in 1976 and 1986 (YAY!) respectively.

Coldwater is on M-66 north of Sturgis and Battle Creek is on US 12 east of Sturgis, so my best guess is that this is facing EB-NB on these routes' duplex, in 1986.

At the intersection upcoming in the above photo, same year. The spray-painted arrow on this sign that was even very old then is technically correct but useless.

Heading north from US 12, I don't know or want to know how they selected all of these different fonts.

I'm on M-60 here (and 66). No junctioning.

I-194, which shares its ride with M-66, is mostly unremarkable but features nice art.

A very unhelpful but old backlit sign in Stanton. There are, in fact, two lanes here, so a divider between the arrows would be helpful. What's unhelpful is the gas station driveway directly across the intersection. Which lane do you go straight from?

All the good stuff is in Marion.

On to McBain, where M-66 turns right. At least one face seems to have the old Michigan font.

M-66 skirts the east side of Lake Missaukee in Lake City.

Sharing the ride with US 131 into Mancelona, more manly than Barcelona. Feel the roar of manly trains from the restroom in its converted train station.

Into Indiana on SR 9
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