Michigan Roads - M-5


All photos are eastbound (same as SB). Except the very first one.

This one looks north from Pontiac Trail where M-5 may one day be further extended, though it took decades to get even an at-grade expressway as far as this from the I-96/I-275/I-696 five-way interchange.

SB through that complex and very spread-out interchange; SB turns to EB at this point. Clearly, 12 Mile Rd. is intended as an alternate route, but when the sign's not unfolded the extra "96" makes no sense. The narrow font on the I-275 shield and the bubble shield for I-696 also make no sense. Finally, ending I-275 at this interchange instead of where it first meets I-96 also makes no sense. Then again, had I-96 continued down M-5 like it was supposed to (had the freeway been completed), you could scratch that last one and M-14 just might be I-896 or an x94 on into downtown on the Jeffries Freeway.

Back onto M-5, very old trailblazer signs up to Hubbell St.

Larry the Beaver welcomes you to unnecessary Clearview font on the I-96 shields. It's permissible (I won't say "fine") on the directional banners but does not belong in numeral form.

Much better signs as I continue a few miles to Joy Rd. and then Pacific St.

EB at Grand Blvd., which leads to the Ambassador Bridge but nowhere near the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel. You're better off staying on M-5 for the tunnel, in fact.

Mbagaba goo? Mbagaba gee! African Town begins at Taft St.

One more sign, and then the best ending ever - bunnies!

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