Michigan Roads - M-37


Old is cool and new is drool (and blurry) SB in Battle Creek. But you can see the white square Business loop outlines, and maybe the hated Clearview.

A little clearer? NB in Hastings at #126 South Broadway. Note that the house is assymetrical. I question what kind of metrical that implies.

Do you like narrow shields? Grand Rapids likes narrow shields. The first photo is M-37 SB exiting I-96 EB, and the second photo is Cascade Rd. WB (original US 16) a little south of there. M-44 was extended down to M-11 (28th St.) in 1969 with completion of the US 131 freeway in the city. By 1977, Michigan decided that was stupid, and truncated it back to I-96. In 2003, that decision was reversed for some reason, leading to the shields you see here. In 2010, that decision was re-reversed, so I shouldn't have seen the M-44 shield on Cascade Rd. as late as 2013 (and it was removed shortly after). What's sillier: a useless concurrency, or bringing it back for a few years and getting rid of it again?

This old hydrant is on M-37 SB leaving Old Mission Peninsula and junctioning US 31.

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