Michigan Roads - M-3


The first historic signs heading away from M-10, sitting smack-dab in the middle of Randolph St.

The preciously cute bear atop those signs. Lookit the white ears and the little pink mouth! And the paws!!!

SB at the beginning of Fisher Freeway, which becomes I-75 SB and of course connects at the same point to I-75 NB. This is a modern state-name Interstate shield, something I'm not used to in this city.

If you somehow missed that entrance, here's another chance at Brush St., but you'll have to go all the way up to Mack Ave. to get to I-75 - the ramp straight off Brush takes you back to M-3 via Fisher Frwy.

Something wrong with the font on this dusky SB sign. Check the shield.

M-3 makes only one turn off of Gratiot Ave. Here it is, at 23 Mile Rd. in Chesterfield, so that it can end at I-94. This could be the same font as the M-59 abomination. Incidentally, M-29 begins right here as well and continues heading north, so why aren't they the same route? The answer is historical - M-3 replaced part of US 25, which stayed on Gratiot Ave. on up to Port Huron, and M-29 has always been a distinct route.

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