Michigan Roads - M-153

All photos are eastbound.

Out of the corner of my eye, it looks like M-153 turns hard left. But no, that's just the service drive heading back west.

The street blade on Merriman Rd. SB has a wide diamond and no identifier. Compare with the narrow (but green-text) diamond and all-caps legend with identifier atop the page (Merriman NB).

Ford Rd. widens out into what one might call a Michigan boulevard (now known as a superstreet), with a wide enough median to permit U-turns and divide neighborhoods.

Skipping ahead for reasons soon to be divulged, this railroad crossing is near the east end of the route.

It's nice to drive through the historic land of American car manufacturing (Dearborn Heights) and see historic American cars. The Chevy Bel Air, Camaro SS, 1939 Ford and Ford Falcon were all easy to identify from my photos. I only had a glimpse of the last car and a little hunting uncovered it as a 1968 Ford Torino GT fastback - most Torinos were not this body style. I decided to end this page on that note.

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