Michigan Roads - M-13


All photos are southbound.

Roadside Americana, but the best part is what's attached to the cheese shoppe. That pink building, not even large enough for a single family, crams in three businesses: Tina's Electrolysis and Tanning, Kim's Toning, and Dedra's Nails. I'm going out on a limb here and guessing that they're either friends, sisters (or other relatives), or members of the same coven. As an average guy happening upon a pink building with those words painted boldly on the front (not even on a sign, just right on the building), my first assumption is "coven." I'd rather face Macbeth's meddlesome trio than have to go through the gauntlet of Tina, Kim, and Dedra.

M-13 SB and M-84 NB head due east together across the Saginaw River, with the unfortunately named Putz Hardware on the west side and the vaguely psychedelic liquor store where they split to the east. I can think of no clean jokes to make about putz hardware, but let's just say that it's useful for fixing leaks, tightening screws, and lubricating moving parts.

Alongside the Saginaw River, with the first photo at Cheboyganing Creek and the second photo foreshadowing the next few.

Yeah, these are the only road photos on the whole page, and they're all of the same highway.

Saginaw, where Paul Simon was stuck for four days. At least there were some cool old buildings to check out while he waited, like Brewer Arcade and Eddy Place. These simple, everyday buildings were carefully adorned in every corner, even taking care in the case of Eddy Place to provide different decorations above each window.

Sunset near I-69, a page with a similar photo taken at a similar time.

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