Michigan Roads - M-102

M-102, 8 Mile Road

Eminem may have waxed poetic, but with four lanes in each direction and miles of power lines down the middle, 8 Mile Road is purely functional. Its only symbolism is as the northern boundary of Detroit. This photo looks west after M-102 joins the road.

WB past Sherwood St. to John R... Rd. John R is never referred to as Road, so just ask for him by name. Michigan, quit underlining directions; get with the rest of the country and use a larger first letter. And quit using elongated diamonds on standalone shields, especially on square sign blanks, because three digit numbers still belong in the standard shield. (You're okay, guide signs, but only grudgingly.) The first photo (at a U-turn/Michigan left) is even worse because instead of expanding the shield horizontally, MDOT shrank it vertically.

EB at Livernois Ave. Actually, nothing in Detroit can lead to US 10 anymore because it was truncated to Bay City. I don't know where the blue "TO" came from, but the US 10 shield may barely be old enough to date to when the Lodge Freeway was US 10 instead of M-10. (10 followed a good portion of I-75 on a north-south alignment after being east-west for thousands of miles, hence the truncation.)

Livernois Ave. NB at M-102. The wide M- shield here is more than compensated by the very old, notched-font I-75 shield from before the FHWA standardized highway fonts across the country. (Every standalone state-name Interstate shield I saw in the Detroit area appears to date to the mid-1970s or earlier.)

Ending the way it began, next to high-voltage power lines, WB at M-5.

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