Michigan Roads - M-10

M-10, Lodge Freeway

All photos on M-10 are southbound.

M-10 in a trench up to an overpass that's definitely not a street.

From trenches to tunnels, with a futuristic pedestrian overpass spanning the highway like a giant Tinkertoy.

M-10 ends with a great view of the Renaissance Center, GM's headquarter building if they're still around when you read this. It's also got a very unusual take on a Parking sign. Click the Detroit link below to follow the tunnel sign to Canada.

Bonus: US 10 originally came into Detroit, and wasn't pulled back to Bay City until 1986. In the meantime, Lodge Freeway was one of the first highways built (at least in part) in the city, and US 10 was rerouted onto it. So a few old US 10 shields still roam around the city. Prowl through my pages and see how many you can find! These are on Livernois Ave. SB from M-102 (hint - click on that to start your search).

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